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What Are the Consequences of Cutting Your Grass Too Short?

What Are the Consequences of Cutting Your Grass Too Short?

It may appear that cutting grass short is a great way to extend the time between mows. This is a common mistake. This can lead to a variety of problems and could cause damage to your lawn’s long-term appearance and health. Willow Creek Outdoor Management provides high-quality lawn mowing services in Augusta GA, Evans, Grovetown, Martinez and the greater CSRA area. We love helping local customers improve the condition of their yard. If you prefer to cut your grass yourself, here are a few insights regarding why cutting your grass too short is a bad idea.

What is the secret to some property owners cutting their grass short?
Property owners often cut their grass to the lowest possible level to reduce labor and save time. This “shortcut”, however, can cause you more harm than good and hinder your efforts. Although there’s a chance that this decision may earn you an additional day or two between each mowing session, this does not negate the detrimental effects of continuing to use the technique.
Your turf can be put under a lot of strain if you keep your grass cut short. Sometimes people forget that grass blades can be considered leaves. Photosynthesis requires a larger area to take place. The amount of sun and air your grass gets can hinder its development and cause it to become weaker. Your lawn could be vulnerable to diseases and weeds.
If you have cut your grass too short, you may see brown or tanned patches. This is because you exposed the stem.
How long should grass be cut for best results?
In ideal conditions, the grass should be as tall as aesthetically possible during hot weather. The blades should not exceed 2 inches to 2.5 inches. The correct way to get cut grass blades is to only remove the upper third of each blade. With this in mind, wait until the lawn grows slightly more than 3 inches before you take your mower out of your garage. This will support root growth. You can reduce the height of your mower if temperatures drop in fall. You should also remember that you must mow your lawn in dry weather. Wet grass can cause uneven cuts.

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