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Expert Landscaping Services Augusta GA

Are weeds and unwanted plants overtaking your yard? Are you ready to create your dream outdoor space? Are you simply unsure where to start? From regular lawn mowing and lawn maintenance to executing intricate landscaping projects, our landscaping team can help you create and maintain your ideal yard. We are experts on the plants that grow successfully in our Southern climate and the landscaping approaches that help them thrive. We offer both 2D and 3D landscape design services.

Our Landscaping Services

Willow Creek Outdoor Management offers a broad range of landscaping services, including the following:

  • Comprehensive landscape design
  • Plant and shrub planting
  • Sodding / sod installation
  • Yard grading and leveling
  • Mulch installation
  • Irrigation installation
  • Retaining wall installation
  • French drains and other erosion control solutions
  • Hardscape elements, including pavers (patios and walkways), retaining walls, fire pits and landscape lighting)
  • Lawn cleanup
  • Shrub, hedge and small tree trimming
  • Grass fertilization and weed control
  • Routine lawn maintenance

If you have questions about a specific landscaping project or something not listed above, please call our office. Our team is happy to discuss your landscaping goals or provide information regarding your lawn care and landscaping needs, including providing a quote.

Trust Your Next Landscaping Project To The Professionals

Whether you want a lush pollinator garden to attract bees and butterflies, a large paver patio for entertaining, healthy, green grass for playing games in your backyard or a bit of each, your yard will quickly become your favorite room in your house. If you are looking for a professional, dependable landscaping service, you can trust Willow Creek Outdoor Management to provide reliable, high-quality care for your outdoor spaces in Evans, Grovetown, Martinez, Harlem, North Augusta, Aiken and the greater Augusta area of Georgia and South Carolina. Our business is built on a commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction. Contact us today at (706) 829-6004 to request your free estimate. You can trust us to take care of your yard, so you can simply enjoy it.

Some Landscaping FAQ's

The most common landscaping problems in and around the Augusta GA area are related to the climate and soil conditions of the area. The hot and humid climate of the area can cause a variety of issues, including the overgrowth of weeds and other invasive plants. The warm and humid climate of Augusta can cause weeds and other invasive plants to quickly overtake a landscape. Without proper maintenance, these plants can quickly take over a landscape, making it difficult to maintain a healthy and attractive appearance. Additionally, many areas of Augusta are hilly. Property owners with a sloped elevation may also face erosion challenges, exacerbated by heavy summer rainstorms.

The best time of year to landscape in Augusta GA is during the spring and fall months. The mild temperatures and ample rainfall during these months make it ideal for planting and caring for plants. During the spring, the soil is warm and moist, allowing plants to establish a strong root system. The fall months are also ideal for landscaping, as the cooler temperatures and lower humidity reduce stress on plants and help them establish their root systems. However, don’t rule out the winter months. Because the Augusta area typically has milder winter temperatures, these months may be a great time to improve your hardscapes. A knowledgeable landscaper can help you determine the ideal time of year to complete any landscaping project.

The benefits of hiring a landscaping service are numerous. Attractive, intentional landscaping can help to improve the overall aesthetic of a property, provide a sense of privacy, and increase the value of a home. It can also help to reduce energy costs, reduce drainage on your property, and improve air quality. Aesthetically, landscaping can help to make a property look more attractive and inviting. It can also provide an attractive outdoor living space for when you entertain friends and family. Landscaping and ongoing maintenance can turn your back yard or your front yard into an extension of your home to enjoy during every season.

While it is possible to complete some landscaping projects on your own, it is often beneficial to outsource larger landscaping projects to the pros. Landscapers have the knowledge and expertise, along with the equipment and crew manpower, to complete most landscaping projects quickly and with a focus on quality and attention to detail. A landscaping project that takes you several weekends and causes you undue stress may instead be a one-day project for a landscaping pro. Landscapers can ensure that your landscaping ideas are correctly executed and congruent with the topography and needs of your property. Additionally, many landscapers also offer regular lawn maintenance services, so you can simply hand over all of your lawn care to their crew. Having a landscape company that performs regular maintenance adds beauty to your property, resulting in thriving lawns and weed-free flower beds, and eliminates the need for you to add lawn care to your already busy life. Having a lawn care service can be a help to clean up branches and other leaves and debris should there be bad weather.

Different US locations often have distinctive landscaping styles, reflecting the topography, climate and lifestyle of the people in the area. The most popular type of landscaping in Augusta is a combination of traditional and modern styles. Traditional landscaping typically includes a variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers that are native to the area, while modern landscaping often incorporates more ornamental plants, hardscaping and features. Common elements of traditional landscaping include azaleas, dogwoods, and magnolias, while modern landscaping often includes ornamental grasses, annuals, and perennials. In both styles, homeowners are relying on unique hardscape installations to complement their greenery. While rainfall is common in the Augusta GA area, it is beneficial to have irrigation systems to supplement the rain during the hot summer months, during which rainfall is often sporadic.

When evaluating your landscaping needs, it’s important to consider a variety of factors, including how you plan to use the space, the layout of your space, and any landscaping challenges (such as signs of erosion, areas of standing water or dips and bumps in the yard, plus climate considerations). This evaluation will help you determine if you want more greenspace or a lower maintenance – but likely more expensive – hardscape-focused space. Do you like to eat your meals outside? Paver patios and decks provide space for an outdoor dining table. Do you have very little shade in your space? Planting shade trees is a budget and environmentally-friendly solution for your shade needs, but it will be years before you benefit from a tree canopy. Pergolas or covered patios also create shade, but at a higher price point. Do you want privacy? Landscaping businesses can recommend hedges that provide an aesthetically pleasing visual barrier between your land and your neighbor’s property. A wooden or metal fence can provide both function and form – offering safety for pets and children.

You’ll also need to stay aware of your budget, because – like any renovation – the total price can be higher than anticipated. Landscapers with experience can help you manage your budget, by explaining what your budget will cover and making recommendations for budget-friendly solutions and alternatives. Landscapers also maintain relationships with plant nurseries and home renovation stores, allowing them to get better prices than those typically offered direct to consumers.

Today, it is easy to find a list of “landscapers near me”, but it becomes much more challenging to choose the right landscaper for your project needs. First, you can begin by reviewing their Google or Yelp rating, paying specific attention to client reviews. While some one or two dissatisfied customers may have unreasonable expectations, pay attention to patterns of complaints provided by homeowners. For example, if regular communication is a very high priority, take note of anyone who provides examples to the contrary. Second, visit each company’s website to see if they provide a portfolio of their work. This will give you an idea of their abilities, the materials and plantings they typically use, and the quality of their work. Third, ask your neighbors and friends in your community for recommendations. They may have personal experience with a landscaper who completed a project or may have a friend or family member in the landscaping business.

Reputable landscaping companies will strive for excellence at every client job and the results – and their happy clients – will speak for themselves. Trustworthy landscape contractors will be willing to provide a list of customers for you to reach out to by phone or email, if you would like to hear more about their personal experience. They will be upfront about costs in their estimates, and they willingly accept constructive feedback to help improve the way they do their business, because their reputation depends on positive client experiences.

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