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Landscaping Talk: What is Ornamental Grass?

Landscaping Talk: What is Ornamental Grass?

Ornamental grasses are decorative plants known for their foliage and elegant structure, adding visual appeal to landscapes. Unlike traditional lawn grass, these plants offer diverse textures, colors, and heights. They’re prized for their low maintenance and adaptability to various soil conditions. These grasses create stunning borders, accent features, or standalone focal points in gardens.

When is the Best Time to Plant Ornamental Grass in Georgia?

Georgia’s temperate climate offers ideal conditions for planting ornamental grasses. If evaluating when to plant ornamental grass, early spring or fall marks the best times for planting in this region. Spring planting allows roots to establish before summer heat, while fall planting ensures robust growth before winter dormancy. Mild temperatures during these seasons aid successful establishment, promoting healthier growth.

What Types of Ornamental Grass Thrive in the Georgia Climate?

Georgia’s climate favors several ornamental grass varieties. Pennisetum setaceum or ‘Purple Fountain Grass’ thrives in the state’s warm climate, offering striking reddish-purple foliage. Miscanthus sinensis or ‘Japanese Silver Grass’ is another popular choice, known for its tall, feathery plumes and year-round interest.
Muhlenbergia capillaris or ‘Muhly Grass’ adds a stunning pinkish hue to landscapes, especially during its fall bloom. Panicum virgatum or ‘Switchgrass’ is versatile, adapting to various soil types and showcasing beautiful red hues in the autumn months. These varieties are resilient and easily complement Georgia’s landscape.

How Do I Choose the Right Ornamental Grass for My Property?

Selecting the ideal ornamental grass involves several considerations. Evaluate your landscape’s sunlight exposure, soil type, and available space. Determine the intended purpose – whether for borders, privacy screens, or accents. Consider the growth habits of different grasses; some spread rapidly while others clump, influencing maintenance needs. Prioritize low-maintenance varieties that suit your desired landscape style.

Consult with local landscaping experts like Willow Creek Outdoor Management for tailored suggestions. They factor in a grass’s height, color, texture, and seasonal changes to ensure it complements your property’s aesthetics.

Willow Creek Outdoor Management: Augusta’s Trusted Planting Experts

Residents in the greater Augusta GA area seeking expert assistance with lawn care and landscaping, including ornamental grass planting, can rely on Willow Creek Outdoor Management. Our skilled team members provide comprehensive services to transform landscapes, ensuring optimal plant selection, placement, and maintenance for stunning outdoor spaces.

Crafting landscapes with ornamental grasses elevates the aesthetic and functionality of any property. By understanding these grasses’ attributes and suitability for Georgia’s climate, you can create breathtaking outdoor spaces. Remember, selecting the right ornamental grass requires thoughtful consideration and expert advice, ensuring a vibrant and sustainable landscape for years to come. Contact us today to get started.


Q: Can ornamental grasses survive in drought-prone areas of Georgia?
A: Absolutely! Many ornamental grass varieties, like Panicum virgatum (Switchgrass) and Muhlenbergia capillaris (Muhly Grass), boast excellent drought tolerance once established. Their deep root systems enable them to withstand dry spells, making them suitable choices for arid regions within Georgia.

Q: Are ornamental grasses invasive in Georgia landscapes?
A: While some ornamental grasses may spread vigorously, most cultivated varieties are well-behaved in landscapes. Carex species and certain Pennisetum varieties are known for their non-invasive nature. However, it’s wise to select clumping types or install barriers for spreading varieties to prevent overgrowth.

Q: Do ornamental grasses attract wildlife to my garden in Georgia?
A: Yes, they do! Ornamental grasses like Pennisetum alopecuroides (Fountain Grass) and Muhlenbergia capillaris (Muhly Grass) attract birds and beneficial insects. Their seeds provide a food source, and their dense foliage offers shelter, enhancing biodiversity in your garden.

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