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Should You Replace or Repair Your Brown Grass?

Should You Replace or Repair Your Brown Grass?

With today’s hot summer temps, it is all too common for Georgia property owners to face the dilemma of a brown lawn – and having to decide whether they want to attempt to restore it or replace it. First, you will want to determine if the grass has gone dormant or if it is dead. If the grass appears dead, it’s best to evaluate the extent of the damage. A grass that has more than a 50% chance of dying should be replaced. Sod installation is the most cost-effective and easiest way to replace grass. If you choose to restore your lawn, we recommend a 4-pronged approach. This includes fertilization, weed management, overseeding, and aeration. When executed properly, you can restore your lush green lawn in no time.
Find Out If Your Grass Is Dead Or Dormant
To move toward a solution, you’ll need to identify if your grass has gone dormant or if it is dead. To test your grass, tug on the blade. If the grass isn’t secure and comes up quickly, it may be dead or dying. Contrarily, If the roots are strong and the grass remains firmly in place, the grass may just be dormant.
If in doubt, you can observe how the brown grass is distributed. Dormancy is often indicated by a brown lawn. But, if your lawn has patches of brown, it could be a sign that something is wrong and may have killed the grass.
Check How Much Lawn is Affected
Once you have determined the cause of the brown lawn you are dealing with is not dormancy, you can assess whether it is possible to save the grass. This is best determined by how severely the grass has suffered. It may cost more to restore grass health if more than half is gone. If this is the case, you should consider a replacement. It is possible to save lawns that are less than 50% dead.

There are many options for restoring or replacing your lawn:

  • Sod installation will be the best and easiest way to replace a lawn that is dead. Installing sod is an immediate solution that will give you the lush green lawn you desire the very same day.

You can repair a dying lawn by using a 4-pronged approach.

  • Fertilization: Gives your lawn the nutrients it requires to flourish.
  • Controlling weeds: This is a way to stop weeds from growing and threatening resources.
  • Overseed: You can overseed your turf to increase its density or fill in any empty spots.
  • Aeration: Removes compaction from the soil to increase nutrients, water, and air, which allows roots to breathe.
We can help you get your lawn looking great again. For your next service, call us now! Willow Creek Outdoor Management loves transforming brown, sad lawns into lush green grasses. We provide sod installation in Augusta GA, and the surrounding areas, including Evans, Martinez, Harlem, Grovetown, Appling, and North Augusta. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our sod installation process.
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