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Why You May Need a Retaining Wall on Your Commercial Property

Why You May Need a Retaining Wall on Your Commercial Property

Retaining walls are frequently recommended for sites with a steep slope. Over time, this useful hardscaping element can safeguard your property from rainwater’s unpleasant impacts, including erosion and pooling water. Your exterior landscape is often the first impression your clients get of your business. Failure to install a retaining wall when necessary can have major ramifications for both your outdoor space and your company’s reputation.
Retaining walls are not only functional, but they may also enhance the appearance of your commercial property. There are three advantages to having a retaining wall for business owners:
  1. Added Seating and Dimensional Appeal
    A retaining wall can be built to benefit both your landscape and your visitors. You might inquire about how your retaining wall could be structured to act as a bench or a location for customers and employees to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. You can also make a garden or flower bed in the space above your wall. This enhances the overall aesthetic attractiveness of the terrain.

  2. Flood Mitigation
    Flooding and storms can strike anywhere. If your property is sloped, floodwater damage can be devastating. We advocate a commercial-grade retaining wall as a preventative precaution to safeguard your landscape, your buildings, and your wallet.

  3. Helps to Prevent Erosion
    Retaining walls are also significant because of land erosion, or the movement of soil and dirt over time. It has the potential to harm both the landscaping, such as plants, trees, and mulch, and hardscaping, such as sidewalks and asphalt parking areas you’ve invested in.
Are you concerned about a slope(s) on your business property? The Augusta GA retaining walls specialists at Willow Creek Outdoor Management can assist you in determining the most appropriate retaining wall design for your business or other property in Evans, Grovetown, Martinez, North Augusta, Augusta or across the CSRA. We can help you address erosion control or simply improve the functionality of your outdoor spaces.
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