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Common Material Choices for Retaining Walls

Common Material Choices for Retaining Walls

Choices for Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is often necessary if your property lies on uneven ground or in an area with steep slopes. A retaining wall can be a great way to create a sloped landscape into usable space, such as a tiered garden, or to address erosion concerns.

Many materials can be used for retaining walls. It all depends on your needs, budget, and desired aesthetic. Concrete blocks, bricks, natural stones, and wood are some of the most popular retaining wall materials. Before you decide which material to use on your Georgia property, read on.

Concrete blocks can be durable and require little maintenance.
Concrete blocks (or pavers) are strong enough to endure the harshest weather conditions and can last up to 100 years. Concrete blocks can be cheaper than other materials, costing about $1-3 per unit and are generally eco-friendly. Concrete blocks have their downsides. They are heavy, and cumbersome to install, especially if the retaining wall design includes curves, and are not easily moved or removed if your property design needs change

Protective covers made of stone veneers are available in many styles.
Stone veneers can be used in many different ways. Stone veneers can be used alone, but they have protected covers. These natural stones have only been cut to a thickness of about one inch. Before attaching stone veneers to property owners’ properties, they must have concrete blocks installed. Stone veneers typically cost between $6-$10 per square foot.
Brick can be maintained easily, is very durable, and has a classic look.
Another popular option for retaining walls is brick. They are similar to concrete blocks and require little maintenance. They are not as durable as natural stones but they last for a long time. Bricks work well in homes with a classic design. Bricks are also eco-friendly because of the abundance of clay and shale used in brick manufacturing.
Retaining walls made of wood blend naturally with most styles and can be used to complement any home.
Raised planter beds made from wood blend well with nature and are a good option. A gravel base is used to support the timbers in wood retaining walls. The gravel supports the structure of the retaining walls and allows drainage. Treated wood is more durable and can resist the elements than untreated wood, but wood retaining walls are unlikely to last more than a decade, even when well-maintained.
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