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Lawn Mowing Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Lawn Mowing Tips for First-Time Homeowners

As a new homeowner, maintaining your lawn can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned homeowner, these fundamental lawn mowing recommendations can benefit both your grass and you.
Mow your grass regularly and adjust the mower blade setting as needed.
To keep your lawn looking fantastic, you should mow it at least once every three weeks. In the summer, you quickly run the danger of neglecting your grass without consistent mowing. During the summer, you should aim to mow your lawn once a week.
The established rule of thumb is to cut one-third off the top of each grass blade each time you mow. If you remove more than one-third of the length of the blades, you might harm your grass in a variety of ways. You may also observe your grass deteriorate as key nutrients and minerals are depleted. Shorter grass is more sensitive to insects and illnesses. Overexposure to the sun or soil deterioration might also be problematic.
Don’t cut wet grass.
Heavy rains may cause the grass to suffocate, resulting in spotty growth. You should go a few days without mowing and let the grass grow and absorb the rain before cutting it again. Cutting soggy grass is a pain.

Tip: Wait at least 24 hours after fertilizing your grass before mowing it. This will guarantee that all of the fertilizer has been absorbed and that nothing attaches to the mower blades.

Cut your grass in the mid-morning.
Anyone who has spent time outside in the CSRA summer heat knows how humid it can be. Your grass will not like working in the heat, and it has to expend significant energy to repair itself. Mow your grass in the mid-morning, when the morning dew has dried but the temperatures and humidity are still lower. During the hot afternoon, allow your grass to soak up the light and relax.
Alter the direction of mowing every other mow.
When mowing your grass, choose a direction. This may be diagonal, side-to-side, front-to-back, or a mix of these. By mowing in a consistent pattern, you may make nice, straight lines, and simplify the mowing process. However, don’t limit yourself to one pattern. The next time you mow your lawn, try a different pattern. If you made vertical lines last time, for example, you may choose to mow in horizontal lines during your next mow.
Lawn mowers may be set to only cut the grass in one direction. You can mow grass using a lawn mower that cuts the grass in the other direction.
Do you have any other lawn mowing questions? Let Willow Creek Outdoor Management take care of all the hassles associated with lawn maintenance. If you need lawn mowing services in Augusta, GA, Evans, Grovetown, Martinez, North Augusta or the greater Augusta area, we can help. Our lawn mowing services are part of our lawn maintenance program, including a minimum of 26 visits per calendar year. No contract required. Call us today for your free estimate.
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