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The Top Five Most Important Lawn Care Problems

The Top Five Most Important Lawn Care Problems

Although most people want green grass, maintaining it can prove difficult. You have seemingly overwhelming options when it comes to caring for your lawn, yet some factors are out of your control. It can be frustrating and time consuming to get the landscaping that you want.
Willow Creek Outdoor Management provides quality lawn maintenance in Augusta, GA, and surrounding areas. These are five of the most challenging lawn problems our customers have.
1) Uncontrolled weed growth
One of the greatest lawn maintenance challenges is out-of-control weeds. There are a variety of reasons that weeds can overtake your lawn, including improper mowing, over-watering (or under-watering!), lack of nutrients, and compacted soil, and a lawn care professional can help you determine the likely cause in your lawn and devise a plan to make your lawn weed-free.
2) Low levels of soil nutrients
A nutrient deficiency can lead to many other problems. Like all plants, grasses require a wide range of vitamins and minerals to remain healthy year after year. It could be difficult to maintain a healthy lawn if vital nutrients are missing from your soil because of erosion or any other circumstances. A lawn care service can help you provide nutrients and fertilizers that will allow your grass to thrive.
3) Maintaining Accurate Water Levels
A healthy lawn can be destroyed by overwatering and underwatering. Residents living in areas with unpredictable weather can face periods of heavy rain followed by stretches of drought. An irrigation system is a way to provide water in times when there is not enough rain. You should measure how much water is reaching your lawn. The average lawn needs between 1 and 1.5 inches of water each week. Adjust your watering schedule accordingly. A rain gauge or an empty aluminum can be used to keep tabs on water levels for those who do not have a rain sensor or sprinkler system.
4) Wildlife, Pets, Or Pest Damage
Nature can sometimes impede the growth of your lawn, even with your best efforts. Beautiful grass attracts insects and can be a temptation to wildlife in the area. Certain plants also attract wildlife to your lawn. Sometimes, pets can be destructive and dig holes in delicate roots. Give your pets a designated area to dig or hang outside with them to monitor their adventures.
5) Patchy Grass
Uneven grass cover and brown patches are other common problems in our area, and determining the cause of the problem can be difficult. In some situations, unlevel ground can lead to erosion or sunken areas that impede proper grass growth. In these cases, it is possible to fill sunken areas with soil and sand. Poor soil quality, thatch, disease and pet urine may also lead to brown patches. A lawn care professional can help you determine the problem and recommend a solution.

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