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The Basics of Lawn Maintenance

The Basics of Lawn Maintenance

Willow Creek Outdoor Management understands the importance of having a healthy lawn. However, lawn maintenance in Augusta, GA, and the greater CSRA area can prove difficult. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help your lawn thrive. It won’t be long before your neighbors are coming to you for lawn care advice
Mow at the Appropriate Height
Many people think mowing the lawn is simply a chore to check off your list. But, what most don’t realize is how much mowing can positively or negatively affect the health and appearance of the grass. An overgrown lawn is unattractive, but cutting your grass too short can quickly lead to other problems. For most grass types, a higher setting is better to encourage a healthy and thick lawn. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Your lawn can focus on establishing strong roots, instead of using its energy on grass blades.
  • Taller blades block the sun to help to keep the grass’s vital water reserves in good condition.
  • Blocking the sunlight also reduces weed growth.
Keep your grass green and healthy by keeping the blade at the proper setting. Never remove more than 1/3 of your lawn’s height at once.
Maintain Healthy Soil
Healthy soil, just like proper mowing, is important for a healthy lawn. The soil in your yard can harden over time, which makes it difficult for grass and other desirable plants to sprout and harder for nutrients to reach the roots. We recommend that you aerate your lawn to give it some breathing space. The process of removing soil plugs from your yard can have many benefits, including:
  • Improved water and air supply to roots
  • The breakdown of thatch – that hard top layer that blocks new growth
Finally, necessary nutrients and water can reach the roots! Depending on the health of your lawn and the soil type, you may need to aerate yearly or only every 2-3 years.
Feed Your Lawn
You now can access your grass roots, so it is important to increase their growth and replenish them! Your grass requires a balanced diet to thrive. Our experts suggest two ways to keep your grass healthy.
  • Fertilization – Fertilizers supply nutrients that can help revive lawns that are old and worn. There are many blends available to suit your lawn’s needs.
  • Seeding – Every lawn started from seeds (or sod grown from seeds!). If your lawn is starting to look unhealthy or has bald patches, seeding may be a valuable step toward a happy lawn.
Keep Your Grass Hydrated
Your lawn needs a good diet, but it also needs water. For mature lawns, watering your lawn 1-2 times each week may be sufficient. Typically, more established lawns need 1.5 inches of water each week. However, new lawns may be more temperamental and require expert advice. In either case, it’s important that water can reach the root system and not just sprinkle on top once in a while. When planning your watering schedule, don’t forget about changing weather conditions and the type of soil in your yard.

Trust the Experts
These tips can help manage your lawn. However, looking to experienced professionals can help you make lawn maintenance easier. With our years of combined experience and trained staff, Willow Creek Outdoor Management can help your lawn thrive. We are based in Harlem, GA, to serve Evans, Martinez, Appling, Grovetown, and the greater Augusta, GA, area. Contact us today at (706) 829-6004 to request your free estimate. You can trust us to take care of your yard, so you can simply enjoy it.

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