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Resolving Hillside Erosion Concerns in an Augusta GA Neighborhood

Resolving Hillside Erosion Concerns in an Augusta GA Neighborhood

While improving your landscaping is often something you place on the “nice to do” list, addressing erosion and drainage issues can quickly move into the “necessity” column. Like many houses in the CSRA area, this home is located in a hilly neighborhood with a variety of home elevations. Over time, the hillside connecting the side of their property to the street started to fail – the result of erosion and poor drainage.

The Willow Creek Outdoor Management team helped the homeowners define and execute a plan to address their landscape challenges. First, the team worked to firm up the hillside. After reinforcing the area, the team laid an erosion blanket to help stabilize the soil and allow grass to grow and installed a box drain to improve drainage and water overflow in the yard. Finally, they placed natural rock – often referred to as rip rap – to help protect the area from future erosion due to run-off.

Depending on the impacted area, erosion can cause a variety of issues – ranging from inconvenient to damaging. If you need a solution for erosion control Augusta GA, the Willow Creek Outdoor Management team is ready to help. We are your reliable and high   -quality lawn care, landscaping and hardscaping team, serving clients in Evans, Grovetown, Martinez, Hephzibah, Fort Gordon and Harlem, GA, and across the greater Augusta area. We offer free consultations. Call us today to get started!


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